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Emergency Procedures ******

  • Emergency data must be updated yearly.
  • We promptly inform parents of any changes and conduct emergency drills to ensure readiness.
  • Our Disaster Preparedness Plan is available upon request.

Procedure for Releasing Children

At Curious Minds Early Learning Center, the safety and well-being of your child are our top priorities. To ensure a secure environment, we have established the following procedures for releasing children:

  • Arrival and Departure: Parents/care providers are required to accompany children into the building and sign them in/out using the designated app at the front desk. Additionally, please inform a staff member of your child’s arrival or departure for the day.
  • Designated Adults: Children will only be released to parents or individuals listed on the authorized pick-up form. Written permission must be provided for anyone not listed on the form, including their name, phone number, relationship to the child, dates of pick-up, and your signature.
  • Positive Identification: Individuals picking up children must present a picture ID to staff for positive identification.
  • Unauthorized Pick-Up: If an unauthorized person attempts to pick up a child, we will keep the child in class until contacting you or the proper authorities. However, physical restraint is not within our authority. Please keep us informed of any legal restrictions on contact with individuals.

Procedure for Late Arrival ******

Please ensure children are dropped off no later than 9:00 AM to maintain consistency in education and schedules. Please notify us if your child will arrive later due to an appointment.

Procedure for Late Pick-Up

We understand unforeseen circumstances may arise, but it is crucial for children to be picked up on time. Late pick-up procedures are as follows:

  • Parents should contact us immediately if they anticipate being late.
    If a child is not picked up on time and we are unable to reach the parents, we will:

1. Notify the Director and begin contacting parents.

2. Release the child to the Emergency Contact listed on the application if parents are unavailable.

3. If unable to contact parents or authorized adults by the close of business, we will involve local authorities. 

  • A late fee of $15 per 15 minutes or part thereof will be charged.

Administration of Medications ******

• Only emergency medications for life-threatening allergies (Inhalers, Benadryl, and/or EpiPen) will be administered by our staff.

• All other medications should be administered by parents or guardians outside of school hours.

• Emergency medications must be provided in advance, directly to a staff member, with a written protocol from the child’s physician and clear labeling.

• Sunscreen application is the responsibility of parents before arrival at school.

Your cooperation in adhering to these procedures ensures the safety and well-being of all children at Curious Minds Early Learning Center.

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