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Core Knowledge Curriculum at Curious Minds

At Curious Minds, we embrace the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence, which is a pioneering approach designed to foster young children’s development in crucial areas such as language, cognitive skills, physical well-being, social-emotional growth, and creativity. This comprehensive curriculum lays a solid foundation for lifelong learning by engaging children in diverse and meaningful experiences.

Why Core Knowledge?

The Core Knowledge approach is based on the principle that a broad and deep body of knowledge is necessary for strong reading comprehension and academic success. Research supports that children are capable and eager to absorb a rich database of information and skills at this young age. By exposing them to a wide range of historical, scientific, and cultural topics, we prepare them not only for academic success but also to become well-rounded individuals.

Curriculum Structure

Our curriculum is carefully structured to build year by year, creating a coherent and cumulative foundation of knowledge. Here’s how we organize learning at Curious Minds:

  • Language Development: We focus on enriching children’s language capabilities through storytelling, dramatic play, and structured conversations.
  • Cognitive Growth: Through hands-on activities, children explore basic math concepts, engaging science experiments, and critical thinking exercises.
  • Physical Well-being: Physical activities are incorporated daily to enhance motor skills, health, and overall physical fitness.
  • Social-Emotional Growth: We foster a supportive environment where children learn about emotions, relationships, and the skills necessary for effective social interaction.
  • Arts and Culture: Artistic expression is encouraged through music, art projects, and exposure to various cultural artifacts and practices.

Each component of the curriculum is interwoven to ensure that children at Curious Minds receive a balanced education that stimulates their curiosity, encourages their natural love of learning, and prepares them for the challenges of the future.

By choosing Curious Minds, you are ensuring that your child gains a firm grounding in the essential knowledge and skills needed to thrive in school and beyond.

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